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Korea’s first space sterilizer CureClean

World's first harmless LED Space Sterilizer safely sterilizing spaces the light illuminates


99.9% Sterilization

Sterilization of germs and viruses
Bacteria, COVID-19 sterilization certified


Extensive sterilization

Proprietary technology, HINS, sterilizes a wide range of spaces
Patent applied



Safe wavelength for human body (harmless)
Harmless to Human Body certified


Low power consumption

Low power consumption of 1,130 won per month
Based on 24 hours for 30 days

Wavelength band of Cure LED

CureClean uses Cure LED developed with LED that is harmless to the human body and has proven sterilizing power

Comparison between Cure LED and UV LED


CureClean Product Lineup

LED Space Sterilizer

Standing Type

Just put it in a space as a stand!

Fully sterilize all spaces with CureClean

CureClean Space Sterilizer Standing type for easy space sterilization

For households with children

Live in a clean space every day with your children without less burden from the low power consumption of 1,000 won per month.

For office workers working from home

Work in a clean space even at home.

For self-employed individuals

Installing a sterilizer in the store will attract customers with confidence.


Product Name CCL-1100B / CCL-1000PLUS
Power 5VDC / 20W (5V, 5A DC ADAPTER)
LED Color Clear blue
Detection Sensor Movement detection sensor, 120° wide, detection length of 2-3m
Function Lighting mode/Auto mode/Stage adjustment
Assembly Bolt
Size 1050mm X 30mm X 30mm
Optimal Range About 8 pyeong/27m²
LED Life 50,000 hours
IP Grade IP66

LED Space Sterilizer

Ceiling Type

Indoor interior and space sterilization at the same time

Design and space sterilization at the same time

CureClean Space Sterilizer Ceiling Type can be used as a sterilization light like a fluorescent lamp

For public institutions, workplaces, factories and educational facilities

Ceiling type space sterilizer is designed with the right size for public institutions, workplaces, factories, and educational facilities.

Interior and sterilization at the same time

Utilize the LED lighting to add lighting to the interior which can also sterilize the space.

For households where the whole family lives

With low power consumption of around 1,000 won a month, the whole family can live in a clean space every day.


Product Name CCL-1000WX
Power 110V /50~60Hz /22W
LED Color Clear blue
Wavelength 405nm
Operating Temperature -25˚C~+75˚C
Weight 650g
Size 1040mmX35mmX25mm (bracket not included)
Optimal Range About 6 pyeong/19m²
LED Life 50,000 hours

LED Space Sterilizer

Vehicle Type

Make vehicle interiors a CureClean zone!

A single car sterilizer to end all worries

CureClean Space Sterilizer Vehicle Type for safe, comfortable air circulation while driving

99.9% of powerful germ and virus removal

Winds from the vents aerodynamically flow throughout the cabin, removing bacteria and viruses.

Silent, filterless

As light is used for sterilization, the product does not generate any noise during operation, and it is also convenient as it does not require additional filter purchase or replacement.

Subtle air freshener effect

An air freshener box is included on the top of the product. Drop a drop or two of the liquid air freshener to utilize its as air freshener.


Specification CCL-100
Power 5VDC /600mA, 3W (USB C-Type)
LED Color Clear blue
Function 3-stage brightness control/Air freshener
Size 65mmX53mmX21mm (refer to drawing)
Optimal Range 3.3m²
LED Life 50,000 hours

LED Space Sterilizer

Mini Bar

Conveniently sterilize full spaces

Portable mini bar for anytime, anywhere

Sterilized any place out of reach by easily attaching it to the place you want! CureClean Space Sterilizer Mini Bar

For traveling our going out

The compact size of 30cm makes it easy to carry around when traveling or going out and clean spaces with CureClean!

For narrow, small spaces

Thanks to its small size with high space utilization, CureClean Space Sterilizer Mini Bar is perfect for sterilizing small spaces!

For personal spaces -desk, laptop, etc.

CureClean Space Sterilizer Mini Bar can be used in any space. Conveniently place in personal spaces, such as a desk, bag and laptop!



Product Name

Power 5VDC 600mA /3W (USB C-Type)
LED Color Clear blue
Detection Sensor Movement detection sensor, 120° wide, detection length of 2-3m
Function Lighting mode/Auto mode
Assembly Bolt, 3M pad
Size 305mmX40mmX24.5mm (refer to drawing)
Optimal Range About 2 pyeong/6.6m²
LED Life 50,000 hours